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S3 Turbo Problem Help - Can i Upgrade it & How

fletch Jul 20, 2010

  1. fletch

    fletch New Member

    I think the turbo on my S3 is on its way out when i put my foot down you can feel the power come in the it drops off again for 2-3 seconds then the power comes back in again and keeps doing this but ive had it at audi and it shown no faults on the computer and the 2 lads didnt even look like they knew what day it was never mind what was wrong with my car. The idea of a direct replacment upgrade was mentioned to me and when i asked in to it at a superchip authorised dealer he said it wouldnt be worth it for the difference it would make and if i had it remapped it would have to be put back to 210bhp the have the turbo fitted and then have it remapped again which they would charge me for again... is this true or was he another lying tw-t.. Please help..
  2. LiveWire

    LiveWire S3X

    My "guess" is that you have a bad MAF sensor..
  3. Madeley

    Madeley Member VCDS Map User

    N75 valve/actuator maybe? Have you tried unplugging the maf to see if theres any change?
  4. tompearson

    tompearson It's all in bits

    The latter.

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