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S3 Turbo Hissing???

ellhans Sep 11, 2007

  1. ellhans

    ellhans New Member

    Hi All,

    Hoping some of you could give me a hand with an S3 that I test drove yesterday and thinking of buying.

    There were a few things I was concerned about, and I'm just wondering if they are actually problems...

    1. There was a slight hissing sound when accellerating, and the guy told me it was the turbo and it was meant to happen. Is this right?

    2. The clutch was very stiff compared to other cars that I've drove, the car has only done 50,000 miles. Again, is this expected or does it need changing?

    3. The steering also seemed quite stiff... I was wondering if the powersteering was actually functioning correctly or not?

  2. s3mike

    s3mike Member

    50,000 Miles - is that the old shape (8L Chassis) S3 then?

    In any case hissing / whistling is pretty normal.

    If it's old shape the steering is heavier as I don't think it has variable assistance. The new shape one is 'minicab light' at parking speeds but weights up nicely at speed.

    Probably better asking in the 8L forum if it is the old shape.
  3. ellhans

    ellhans New Member

    Ah yes, sorry wrong place.

    I'll copy it over. Yeah it's an old shape, It's a facelifted 2001 model, but the 210, not 225.

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