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s3 stereo wiring problem, I think anyway.

danpayneuk Dec 3, 2010

  1. danpayneuk

    danpayneuk Member

    Hi guys.

    im going on a long journey 2moz so thought I would steal the stereo from the wifes car to put in the s3 (8L model), as I still havent got one for it yet.

    Problem was when I put it in everytime I changed radio channel or pressed something to change a setting and when you removed the key from the ignition there is a loud type of bang noise comeing through the speakers.

    Its strange as it seem work properly sound wise.

    It also doesnt hold any memory. I know the memory problem but not sure why the loud bang noise.

    Can you guys shed some light on this.

    Have taken the stereo back out as dont want to cause any damage to headunit or the car.

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