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S3 stereo wiring been modified - please help

darko Jul 21, 2006

  1. darko

    darko Member

    when i removed the head unit the cables have been cut and joined with aftermarket connectors. from reading the label on the head unit i can see that the front speakers are being driven from the head unit but the rear speakers have been disconnected. the rear speakers still work (as do all the speakers and sub) and the balance plus fader controls also work. Anyone know what might have been done ? I am replacing the front speakers for now so will just connect to the head unit (will add an amp later) - I know it will all work as is but I am curious why someone would modify the wiring liek this...
  2. millsyd

    millsyd Member

    you will find the rear and sub are run off a amp that was fitted in the car when is was beening built, you should find you have 3 plugs two which are the same size and then a 3rd either red or black some times yellow,green and blue which is longer than the other two and has more holes this is called a mini iso in the trade it will control your display (by your speedo) you rear and sub and if you had a car kit from audi that as well.

    what has probley happened your car had the orignal plugs choped off or r further back in the loom, and a sterio shop or garage has re-wired your loom and fitted a standard iso loom to your car no need to worrie.
    hope this helps.

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