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S3 Squeaky noise at start up,advice needed please

costa_k Jan 19, 2009

  1. costa_k

    costa_k New Member

    My S3 started doing a a squeaky noise when starting up,not always,but very often when cold.A friend at work said it must be the cambelt.Not sure since the car's only done 40k miles,though it's a 2001 model.Local specialist (mastertechs,South London) quoted me £670 for major service+cambelt and water pump replacement.The cambelt hasn't been changed before and i read elsewhere that it should be changed every 5 years regardless of mileage.Please advice/is price right?
  2. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    Hi, the squeek is likely to be the alternator belt (often mistakenly these days called the fan belt) slipping slightly on startup. This can be fixed short term by wetting the belt, longer term it can be tensioned by loosening the mounting bolts for the alternator and taking the slack out of the belt.

    In terms of your service/cambelt. Yes, 4 - 5 years or 40 - 60k seem to be the normal schedule enthusiasts recommend. It is a preventative measure - if it goes valves meet pistons and it is going to be expensive. It is a bit of rubber which deteriorates with time, as do the rollers and tensioners, so better safe than sorry. Likewise the waterpump - preventative whilst the car is in bits for the cambelt.

    Your quote seems quite high - even for London. I think I paid £430 for a 40k service (i.e. includes Haldex oil/filter change) plus cambelt, waterpump and tensioners carried out by a now defunct garage in Southampton.

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