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S3 Spark plugs

kevinS3 Dec 27, 2007

  1. kevinS3

    kevinS3 New Member

    hi am gonna sound stupid to those who know?
    i have a S3 225BHP 2002 model. 2 months ago my car was running on 3 cylinders so i sent it in to the local garage he replaced the coil packs and spark plug the car was running fine for a day or 2. then the car started to splutter alot so i had i look found that the wires connecting to one of the coil packs was bear so i taped the up still no joy. i quessed that the bear wire might of broken the spark plug so i replaced all sparks but when i took out the plugs they was the same as the ones the garage put in. the car was great for a day or 2. and yes it started to splutter again. am wanting to know if there is a special type of plug to fit in the S3 and which ones are best. the plugs that keep going is the BOSCH SUPER 4 PLUG. can anyone help thanks. sorry for the assay:tocktock:
  2. maxlbrown

    maxlbrown Deep Blue

    had something similar on my a6

    i swapped for no real reason my plugs other than I thought they where due for a change. The Car ran like a pig like no power and really scary missing. Chucked it at the garage who tested the same coil packs the leads and fitted a new maf I even changed the coolant temp sensor to no avail. So out of desparation I put the old plugs in and cleaned the air temp sensor because i thought it a good idea as i had the engine in bits (its a V6 no easy quick job to change the plugs) and guess what its been as good as gold. and yes the plugs i replaced and the garge replaced where the same make model as the originals so no idea

    check the air temp and coolant sensor as well in case its not the plugs at fault. these acheap and easy parts to replace.

    Hope this helps


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