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S3 servicing

boggysv Apr 29, 2009

  1. boggysv

    boggysv Member

    My S3 is at 7k miles now, and according to the DIS, it is still a year and many more miles to go before the first service. Since new it has never needed any top-up as well.

    I feel rather uncomfortable leaving it till then, and plan to do my first service at 15k kilometers (about 9-10k miles), would it be a problem?

    What sort of mileage are S3 owners at during first service?

    Local dealer suggests that I change back to a fixed interval service. Any vw tech care to chime in on the effects of this?

    Suppose I dont have to worry about temperature problem here...it's consistently warm whole year round, and even in the wee morning you'd be lucky to see anything less than 20'c.
  2. mnoble

    mnoble Member

    I had a chat with my dealer about this and they suggested that i dont run it on long-life service interval and should run on fixed.
    would be interested to here other S3 owners opinions

  3. Jamiekip

    Jamiekip Member

    I had mine done at about 16k miles - no issues, ran smooth, oil was in tip top condition and never used a drop over that time. Not forgetting my car is mapped and has an occassional spiritted run!

    The longlife oil is top quality stuff, hence the cost, but using that higher grade oil and changing it earlier won't do the car any harm.

    For refrerence - my car is on Long Life again and is due in about 3k miles


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