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S3 SEAT's INTO A3 1.8T 1998

lakhan Feb 3, 2004

  1. lakhan

    lakhan New Member


    I just wana find out if anyone could help me with the seat wireing?? av actually fitted s3 recaro seats into my a3 1.8t 1998 model- the problem av got is-- the s3 seat's has 3 wire's in the airbag connector and mine has 2 wire's.

    Another problem which is the main1 my electrics dont work on my seat's, other than the airbag connector i have one more connector which only has 1 wire- brown colour.

    Now i dont understand how come that's only got 1 wire?? it just doesnt seem to power the seat's up.

    If anyone out their could help me, that would help allot..

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