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S3 S[prtback Noise on 1st ger - DMF / clutch ?

MarioS3 Jun 8, 2013

  1. MarioS3

    MarioS3 New Member


    I've gone through the DMF /clutch threads but could not find same situation as mine. My car is 2009 S3 Sportback 85.000 km and it started to make nosie when i engage frist gear. It might have earlier but noticed some time ago as i turned off the BOSE :) Its stock 280HP (dyno-ed) with stock air filter, NGK sparks plugs - full stock. Even exhaust is stock

    Scenario: (no matter cold or hot)
    1. Car not moving, clutch in first gear on
    2. Releasing clutch and noise starts - rasping. Not very noisy, but sometimes it is

    Sometime when going very slow i.e 20km, releasing clutch and start accelerating on 2nd gear
    If i release clutch very slow and put gas pedal down when starting to drive it doesnt happen (yet)
    sometimes i hear some quiet metal noise on idle and neutral (after ride when cooling turbo) and the noise comes from the bottom of car - gearshift / engine.

    I thought it was cardan drive shaft but i had it checked and it's fine. I was told it might be DMF / Clutch end of life but... gears are not slipping (yet) but the only problem is noise on 1st gear when starting to drive. I do admit to accelarate on 5th - 6h gear around 2500-3000rpms when passing others.

    Have you ever had same situation?

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