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S3 running in

julians Dec 2, 2007

  1. julians

    julians Member

    Picked up my new s3 on Friday, all is well with it, very pleased so far. However the dealer mentioned that he thought that the ecu limits the boost for the first 1000 miles so it might not feel as fast as the demo I drove fairly extensively.

    I thought it was probably usual salesman bull, but my car does feel noticeably slower than the demo I drove, which had about 1300miles on the clock.

    Can anyone else confirm/deny etc, or offer reasons why my car now ith 300 miles on the clock is significantly slower than a demo with 1300miles on the clock. I know engines loosen up over time, but I've never noticed that much difference between them before.

    edited to add: I'm not concerned that there is something faulty as I'm confident it will be up to speed once the mileage increases, just wondering what other people found etc.
  2. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    Not heard this about the ecu limiting the power but ALL cars are always slower for the first few hundred miles sometimes 1000miles until they loosen up and get bedded in.

    Dont forget the demo will have been screwed by everyone so will be very loose and run in!
  3. julians

    julians Member

    yeah, i'm aware that theres always a difference between a new engine and one thats done say 20k, but the difference here is marked, especially given that the mileage difference between mine and the demo is relatively small.

    ah well, will get it run in asap and then see how it feels.

    I did wonder if the dealer had employed a sneaky trick and remapped the demo car?
  4. Stockholm

    Stockholm Stockholm

    I would say that the salesman told you the biggest lie of 2007.
    I myself bought a S3 demo 2 months old with 450 miles on the clock.
    My car was driven like HELL since mile 1 and it outperforms every stock S3 I´ve raced and even a few chipped ones.

    I spoke to a GIAC reseller recently who told me that some dealers pre-tune their demos to make them more attractive!!

    What´s more interesting is that now after 12k miles my car haven´t used any oil. And I still drive it hard.

    All people here talking about running in the engine smoothly.
    That is Bulls**t! Rev it like there´s no return - and you will have a much faster car with alot better throttle response.

    The only reason to run in the engine smoothly is if you plan to drive like your grandma and keep the car for 7 yrs+.

    Most of you will sell your car after 3-5 years MAX.
  5. julians

    julians Member

    Car is getting much faster now, its either that the engine is remarkably tight when it comes from the factory, tighter than any other car I've ever owned or the ecu is trying to do something clever during the first few hundred miles.
  6. yahyar

    yahyar Member

    don't worry too much about that julians. it's all part of the game
    the gearbox and engine are really tight for the initial run in period. relax
    rather focus on the mp3 player till you hit the magic mark
  7. S3Didge

    S3Didge Member

    Well i've :asskicking: the granny out of mine from day 1 and it goes like the proverbial and have had zero problems in a year. :rockwoot:
  8. wolfevo

    wolfevo New Member

    Next owner will have :)

    Just jokeing. Sorry.

    I just hope that Audi did a good job. My last car was Honda in which I did 90000km. Nothing broke down and I surelly used it properly (fast :)) from a very begining.
    Here in Poland the roads are usualy in very poor condition, so I was so suprised that my suspension didn't broke down until 80000km. Few years ago I had Peugeot and never again. Suspension lasted for 30000km. I hope that audi will suprise me in a good way.
  9. julians

    julians Member

    I've also come from a Honda (s2000) to the S3, and it was absolutely faultless for 5 years, didnt need anything other than normal servicing and tyres and brakes.

    Hopefully the s3 will be as reliable..............
  10. a3norwich

    a3norwich Not anymore - Back 2 BMW (shh)

    Doubt it...
  11. L33TAY

    L33TAY Member

    Not sure what to do with mine when it arrives in March, half of me thinks rag it from day one as it will be much looser, the other half says run it in carefully!

    It is under warranty after all though, and i'll be getting rid after 2 years, so the former will probably happen.

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