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S3 Running Costs?

langtonr Nov 22, 2004

  1. langtonr

    langtonr Member


    I'm thinking about trading the clio 172 in for an S3 (probably looking at a 2000 or maybe 2001 car) Can anyone give me any idea on what the running costs are like? From what I've read the servicing is anywhere from every 9k-19k miles, but how often is it on average and what sort of price do you normally have to pay? Also is there any other major work that needs doing at certain milages?

  2. NWMark

    NWMark Member

    if the car is on AVS then the service intervals will be at least 14000 miles, but most are in the 17000 mile range with some even going to around 19000.

    or if its not on AVS then its 12000 miles or every year, Dealers charge around £300 and most specialist around £180.

    other things that need doing are Haldex oil change at 20k ~£80, and then everything else is the same as any other car, brake fluid every 2 years, brakes and pads when required.

    2 things to check when buying though are the clutch, sure not vibrate through the paddle, and the gear change between 2nd and 3rd, shouldnt crunch when changin quickly at high revs.

    For the type of car and the power it puts out (especially chipped) the running costs and fuel consumption are really low.

  3. GSCollie

    GSCollie Member

    I've had my S3 now for over 35,000 miles and two years and still have not got to 2nd service interval yet, first was at 18,000 and still have 3500 miles to go be fore 2nd. Services can be pricey, around £300-320 dependent on the franchised dealer and whether they try to charge you for the spare oil in your boot and screenwash at a fiver a time, specialist anything between £130 in London to £180 in Midlands, depends on where you live.

    As for rubber, a decent set, for example Goodyear F1 GSD3's are £100 inc. VAT per corner plus valves and balancing, the Bridgestone's the S3 originally comes with are good but GSD3's are far grippier, less road noise and last longer, changed all four at 16,000 miles and still have 1.5 mm of tread on the GSD3's before hitting the depth gauge blocks.

    Apart from that it is bomb proof reliability and can have your Clio sport especially in the tricky stuff and twisty road sections havig had first hand experience racing against one around a circuit. So you may realise that I am not your conservative driver. MPG anything between 37 mpg on a motorway blast (can get to Birmingham from Newcastle and back on a tank) to 27.5 tearing round the streets on stop start journeys.

    If you can afford it get a post 2001 model, the extra 15 bhp is handy and noticeable against a bog standard 210 version. Haldex oil change now normally done at first service to save time but ask to make sure if buying pre service model, again dependent on the dealer.

    Good luck, mine will be up for sale in the next couple of weeks f you are interested as trading up for an S4 V8.

    Ming Blue metallic
    2002 '52'
    BOSE + Symphony II 6CD
    Black Leather Recarro's
  4. langtonr

    langtonr Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    Had a go in one last weekend and absolutely loved it, not sure it felt that much quicker than the clio but even in the rain it felt totally stuck to the road (which is not a feeling you get in the clio) was worried that the running costs were going to be high, but from what you've both said it doesn't sound too bad and the insurance is slightly less than the clio as well.

    Time to talk nicely to the bank manager.
  5. jediknight

    jediknight Member

    BBQ52... how much were you wanting for your car and what is the mileage? any pics?

  6. GSCollie

    GSCollie Member

    Pics will be on at the weekend once it is cleaned inside and out, bit of a mess at the moment.

    Mileage a shade over 35,000 miles, price not sure, Audi dealer will p/x on my new car for 16.5K so 17-17.5K? Not sure, will check out Glass' guide before giving accurate quote.

    Only restrictions are that I have a trip to Manchester next Monday which will add another 4-500 miles and picking up my S4 on 10/12, so would need to sell before that.

    Cheers /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif
  7. trekbiker

    trekbiker Member

    If it had silver leder, i would have definitely been interested, i think that i'm hunting for a needle in a haystack

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