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S3 rns-e in A4?

jwhat Oct 27, 2007

  1. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User

    hi guys

    i have a B7 A4 with a double din head unit with bose and a parrott bt kit. I can buy an rns-e from an S3 (the new model), So is it the same as the a4 rns-e except that the top corners are rounded off? and If so will it still fit? what else would i need to retro fit it? So far i think i need radio removal keys, an antenna adaptor and rns-e adaptor from kufatec, the rns-e, the gps antenna itself and the 2007 europe dvd. Anything missing? Is it also worth putting in the audi ipod connection at the same time? And finally, should i upgrade my parrott bt to the audi bt?

    thanks guys :icon_thumright:
  2. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    I dont understand why you don't buy an A4 one that will fit.
  3. phil1978

    phil1978 Member

    True . . . And yes the Audi BT kit is far superior to the Parrott. And at least you dont have an add on display with the Audi one.
  4. jwhat

    jwhat Member VCDS Map User

    I was just wondering if it would fit is all. Thanks for the info, i'll keep an eye out on ebay for an a4 one, and maybe the audi BT too!

    thanks for the replies guys :thumbsup:

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