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S3 Recaro Seat - Tilt / Release Cable snapped/gone

h3msy Jul 6, 2004

  1. h3msy

    h3msy Member


    After buying my S3 privately I soon found out that there was no release lever on the side of my passenger seat, (Leather Recaro) therefore i cannot let people in the back through this side, and because i bought it private, obviously bought as seen!
    Looking closer i can see that there is no cable visible either.
    Has anyone else had this problem??
    I would tackle this job myself but don't fancy stripping the seat down and messing with airbags and stuff, and would audi carry the recaro spares???

    Thanks for any advice

    Cheers /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif

  2. RAPS3

    RAPS3 Well-Known Member

    This is a common problem on the Recaros that Audi know about - still no recall though.

    Mine did exactly the same about a year ago - luckily it was still in warrenty. Although the tech did say it was an easy fix.

    Apparently the gear mechanism in the seat becomes out of alignment, if you lift and hold the release lever on the outer side of the seat, then lift the lever on the inside of the seat, (there is a lever on both sides) then the gears should re-align themselves and this should solve the problem.

    I dont know if this is the same problem as yours, but its worked for me a few times now.

    If you get stuck drop me a PM as I have some diagrams of the seat, if you end up taking it apart.


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