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S3 rear diffuser

Alex-James Aug 7, 2014

  1. Alex-James

    Alex-James Member

    I've currently bought a 2006 A3 s line rear bumper (just the top part) and I'm now looking to buy the s3 lower valence. I'm aware the bumper I have bought is 2 piece I.e the top half which I have then the lower valence which has the defuser attached to it which I'm in need of, as the 06+ s3 is the facelift and that won't fit my bumper? (As I've read). I'm looking for the correct part number as I'm contacting TPS tomorrow and I wanna make sure I order the correct part, I've gone through the parts catalogue on here and managed to get a part number which I believe is correct but wanna double check: 8p3807434ay9b (part number also includes my paint code) if someone can confirm this that would be great!

    bumper will look like that after:



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