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s3 rear bumper

jimboA3 Dec 29, 2003

  1. jimboA3

    jimboA3 Member

    Hi guys ! Ivebeen lucky enough to pick up a complete S3 rear bumper for my A3TQ.I know that these fit without any hassle but i think that you need the S3 internal mud guards/guide profiles for the inside of the bumper. Does anyone know the product codes for these or know if they are easy to get hold of through a dealer? Will post some pics when i getit fitted and get a new custom exhaust done to fill the recess. Cheers guys ! Happy new year! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/beerchug.gif

    ANDYTQ Well-Known Member

    Mines a march 2000 5dr not sure of exact colour met black,80,000 miles no leather ,just the square pattern thing,climate .I don't mind the miles as i only do 5-7,000 a year and it came very cheap.Hoping that i will be able to keep picking up cheap tuning bits ,want to keep the modding sutle but within a budget.Already turned down 4 sets of wheels cause of xmas etc.Will try the s3 shocks and springs first with reset geometry ,then wheels,rear arb from golf,strut braces,brembos and change the gearbox add a quickshift .Box change is going to cost me mucho labour i think,is yours 5 or 6 speed ,swapping mine for more top speed.Cheers Andy
  3. carl310166

    carl310166 Member

    any of you guy's painted your front and rear valances,and or got side skirts?
    i have a a3 tq in silver,and have been thinking of getting mine done,but i want to make sure it looks o.k.
    do you know of anyone?

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