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S3 rattle on shut down?

Lovegroover Jun 28, 2006

  1. Lovegroover

    Lovegroover Member

    Hello all, picked my S3 up last night and am thouroughly chuffed with it. Just a small niggle that i thought i would share to see if anyone had any ideas about, hoping it may be a known problem.

    The car runs like a dream no rattles when stone cold and certainly no lack of power, when i turn the engine off however there's a distinct rattle from around the front right of the engine bay - my first thought cam chain tensioner (would this show up on vag.com?)
    But it could also be a known weak heatshield vibrating as the engine stops, or clutch bearing etc?

    Will put up some pics of the motor and spec etc. soon as i get the chance cheers for any help.
  2. Lovegroover

    Lovegroover Member

    O.K bit more of a clue, when i hold the clutch pedal fully down and turn off it doesn't seem to rattle! I've got an MTM clutch so i'm presuming it's something to do with this brute.
    Anyone else got any experience with these clutches??
    I know my mates cosworth with an AP racing clutch makes all sorts of noises - but it's a ford!
  3. dummi

    dummi smoking a6

    here are a few ideas - exhaust manifold sealing leak? if you have a single mass fly wheel?
  4. Stewart

    Stewart Member

    There is no cam chain, its a rubber belt and if the tensioner is rattling then get it fixed pronto!!

    However it sounds like the clutch release bearing.

    On tickover, press the clutch pedal and off, on and off and see if you can notice the rattle, albeit quieter, then...
  5. peteA3tdi

    peteA3tdi Member


    there is a cam chain on the gear box end, the rubber belt as you put it only drives the exhaust cam
  6. Lovegroover

    Lovegroover Member

    Chain (passenger side of head) links the two cams which are driven by a belt, (at the drivers side if you like.)

    It's defo the clutch now, have pinpointed it. Turn engine off with clutch up and rattle can be heard as engine dies. (nothing major but audible).

    Turn the engine off with clutch pedal held down and nothing no noises atall.

    So: thrust washer or release bearing?

    Strange thing is no noises atall while driving whatsoever ??

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