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  1. Kierdog84

    Kierdog84 New Member


    Someone at work is selling their silver s3. It has 26,000 miles on the clock and they want £14,000 for it. It seems in pretty good condition and is a 2002 (52 plate).

    Do you think that is a reasonable price for the car?

    Cheers :beerchug:
  2. C_Audiboy

    C_Audiboy Vroom Vroom

    Is that the one thats on Autotrader too? It looks pretty decent if its the same one.

    I reckon you could get the price down quite a bit, especially at this time of year.
  3. Kierdog84

    Kierdog84 New Member

    Yup it is the same one, looks quite niceso i may go and have a wee look at it. Not too sure though, i have a clio right now (1 year old) and i want to get rid of it before i'm off abroad for 5 months. Not sure whether to just wait until i come back and get a new car (hire a car when i'm back on the odd weekend, but it seems like a waste of money doing that)

    I do know though, that my clio will lose more value over the 6 months , so it needs to be sold now.
  4. Aky

    Aky Aky

    I paid £12700 for 2002 with 36k on clock from a trader. Reckon you could easily get £500 off it.
  5. max

    max New Member

    I paid £12600 for 03 with 52k private. I looked for quite a while and prices seemed to vary wildly. The HPI report valued my car at £17500 which is ridiculous. Parkers was a more reasonable 12k-16k. I think it's because its a premium brand and the price is high for the year compared to other cars so the price you pay is more dependant on how badly you want it and how badly the seller wants the money. A mondeo will always sell for roughly its market price because there is enough cars and enough buyers. Offer 13k and work from that!

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