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S3 photo shoot in the lakes

paullowther Sep 7, 2013

  1. paullowther

    paullowther Well-Known Member

    I know I've still got quite a wait between now and my pick up (some point in December), but I'm planning my pickup already!

    I live in Cambridge but have ordered the car from Carlisle Audi, so it's quite a drive! They offered to drop the car off to me here in Cambridge for free but I think a weekend away dedicated to picking up the new car and then a wonderful drive back, with a few stops for photo shoots, through the lake district would be far more memorable than waiting for my car to pull up on a truck around the corner of my road!

    As such, can anybody recommend any hotels to stop off at the night before and any places to take some wonderful (hopefully snowy) shots of the new car!
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  2. TreborA4

    TreborA4 Active Member

    I guess you do know that the Lakes is north of Carlisle!

    It's a great idea you have to take photos of your new car in the Lakes, it's such a great place to visit even without a new motor!

    There are many hotels to choose from.

    The Bridge Hotel in Buttermere is a good one we have stayed at.

    However, I guess you want to be more central, perhaps in Keswick?

    I can't wait to see your photos!

    A lot of anticipation, enjoy!
  3. Splathead

    Splathead Active Member Team Estoril VCDS Map User Audi S3

    Sorry to he a pedant but Carlisle is definitely North of the Lakes (or it was when I walked there from Ulverstone last year) so a drive back through would be great. Then maybe back through the Peak District.

    Howekeld B&B is really nice in Keswick. As for places for photos, try the North end of Great Langdale.
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  4. Battlekrapz

    Battlekrapz Active Member

    Sounds like a great idea Paul, you're one lucky sod !!!! You'll have a seriously memorable pick up in such a way :icon_thumright:

    My pick up is 5 mins up the road :sorry:.
  5. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Hey Paul, you could stop off at mine on the way back for a joint quattro shoot, @ Peterborough. ;)

    Good luck, and how long is the wait?
  6. paullowther

    paullowther Well-Known Member

    Yes I'm positive Carlisle is North of The Lakes. I like to play around with a bit of photography in my spare time and picked up a canon mark 5d iii (for those who care about photography) earlier this year, but I've never been to the lakes despite being born up North.

    Howekeld B&B looks perfect, it's a shame I can't book until I know my pick up date though and I'm worried about how busy it will be around xmas time. Worst comes to worst I'll sleep in the car!

    BattleKrapz, I'm sure you can think of some other excuse to go on a long journey!

    TDI-Line, P'boro is a mere 20 minutes from me so that could well be on the cards, I'm picking up around christmas time. Santa has been particularly kind to me this year!
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  7. TreborA4

    TreborA4 Active Member

    Apologies, I was thinking of Lancaster, not Carlisle!

    Currently in France, must be too much sun and, er, vin rouge!

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