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S3 Performance Trouble

ukku Sep 8, 2012

  1. ukku

    ukku S3 1.8TQ / Turkey

    I have an Audi S3, APY engine, 210 with ESP.
    It's not mapped. Stock.
    Just have supersprint exhaust, k&n panel filter and silicone TIP bought from ebay.
    I logged with VCDS several times. (on 3rd and 4th gear)

    Peak maf reading is about 160-165 grams at 5800-6000 rpm, but it suddenly drops on about 6000 rpm, when I reach 6500-6600 rpm, MAF only reads 120-125 grams. Engine load drops with maf. Timing CF starts on 5500 with 1-2 degrees and goes on with 7-8 degrees about 6500 rpm.

    I have changed these;
    MAF (From dealer, not the cheap one)
    Brand new turbo and exhaust manifold
    Coolant temp sensor
    Fuel pressure regulator
    N249, N112, PCV and evap deleted. Vacuum hoses renewed with silicone.
    Intercoolers, inlet manifold and throttle body cleaned. Adaptation ok.
    Boost and vacuum test has done, some clamps renewed. There is no leak anymore.

    Tried another N75, fuel pump, coil pack, dump valve. Nothing changed.
    What should I try?
  2. sportquattro

    sportquattro Active Member

    165gs equates to approx 206.25 bhp so not a million miles away from stock power, and could easilly be down to just age, do some logging and post the results on here and Im sure some of the more knowledgeable ones will be able to spot anything amiss

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