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S3 - OZ 19" Ultraleggera Opinions

S3-N May 4, 2008

  1. boggysv

    boggysv Member

    Here's the stasis A3 wearing ce28, definitely a contender (not pricewise) to the oz ul imho.

  2. Macs

    Macs Member

    Hi everibody,

    I am looking at OZ Crono wheel 'cause around here almost everibody who owns an S3 8P has OZ Ultras on it. I like very much the OZ Crono in dark grey.


    My biggest concern, however, is on which size to go.

    19 will be good looking, but I fear that a /35 tyre is going to be too stiff in order to work well and therefore I'll need to adjust the suspension angles in order to obtain proper grip and tyre wear.
    In addition, a lower tyre will absorb less bumps and cracks on the road surface and will increase the chances to ruin the rim...
  3. John @ DW

    John @ DW Member

    I think the Volk Progressiv ME are a better looking wheel than the RE30. It does not look as 'race' or 'jap' as the RE30, although I have just orders a set of RE30s for a customer with a new BMW 335 coupe, which I think will look good.


    These are slightly cheaper than the RE30s as well!!

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