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S3 Owners in Ireland \ Northern Ireland?

metricspaces Aug 26, 2008

  1. metricspaces

    metricspaces Member

    Anyone S3 owners in Ireland on here?

    I'm looking for any advice on the best place to get work done, particulary price wise.

    Anyone know of any Audi\VW Specialists in Ireland...seems to be lots in the UK.

    Anyone know of the cheapest Audi dealer in Ireland or Northern Ireland? Must check, but was thinking that maybe an Audi dealer in Belfast might be a bit cheaper than down south with the strength of the Euro against Sterling.
  2. Plane

    Plane Member

    There are a few Irish guys on here. There are a few on vagdrivers.net (Irish site) too. There is a vag specialist in Cork called autowerks I think. There are some very good mechanics around the country.

    What work is it you want done? S3 are no mystery, I do my own work on it. Also where in the country are you?

    Have a look on vagdrivers.net.
  3. metricspaces

    metricspaces Member

    Hi Plane, I'm in Dublin.

    Had a look at vagdrivers.net, saw your reply thanks!

    I just got the car a few days ago...I've got two things I need to sort out

    1) Tyres...one on the front got damaged when I didn't stop early enough after it burst..so I'm gonna replace the front two with the same make as the back two (currently the front are Michelin, the back are BF Goodrich)

    2) Tracking...it's pulling quite strongly to the left at speeds above 60mph

    So what I plan on doing is..

    - Replace the front two tyres
    - Put it through the NCT to see if they complain about the bushings
    - If they complain, then get them replaced, and get the alignment done.
    - If they don't complain, then I won't get them replaced yet, but I'll get the alignment done.

    The MOT Advisory Notice says...

    "Nearside front suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated but not resulting in excessive movement [2.4.G.3]

    Offside front suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated but not resulting in excessive movement [2.4.G.3]

    I'm not sure how strict the MOT are...if it really was an issue surely they'd have failed it?

    But one worrying thing is that the three previous MOT's all had the same advisory. And the car has a full Audi (Main Dealer) service history, only recently serviced about three months ago, you'd think they'd also pick it up if it was a problem?
  4. dhyndi

    dhyndi S3 D HY

    i'm from belfast and the audi dealer up here (isaac agnew) has the monopoly and is your typical rip off merchant dealer!!!!! £600 for a service etc. there is a german specialist in belfast that has been reccomended to me, I'm going to try him for my first service (only got the car in march) But he is apparantly very reasonable and a brilliant mechanic!
  5. coleen

    coleen New Member

    theres a vw/audi garage (joe martin) on the station rd, magherafelt co.derry that is very good and reasonable

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