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S3 owner after a few answers! ( Headunit,gear cables & Cd changer,wheels & Recall)

aterro Sep 15, 2013

  1. aterro

    aterro S3 YO


    bought my s3 yesterday :)

    Few minor faults,

    There is no cd changer fitted currently, the previous owner removed it so he could use a aux cable instead of the cd changer....

    I presume theres just a wire hiding around the rear light area for me just to plug a new cd changer into.
    He stated the cd changers arent great, is this true?

    Its a concert system. ( the one with numerous buttons)

    Is there any upgrades available that are as subtle as the standard one, but is a better option?
    Also, when i was in the Canada, every car i went in, all there radios ( standard ones) displayed the current track ( on the radio)

    is it possible to get them here in the UK? or is it down to the radio stations?

    Basically, should i stick with standard HU and buy a cd changer.....
    or buy a good aftermarket one??

    Question 2:
    Gear cables, ive seen the guide on youtube (VW 5 speed shifter adjustment for 02J and MQ250 transmissions - YouTube)

    is that the correct guide to follow?
    Mine is slightly notchy now and then, im planning to change the oil also.
    what vis do i need? 75w90? Any opinions on the best brand? and it takes 2.5L?

    Question 3:


    Basically i have the 17 inch standard wheels currently. which dont fill the arches enough.
    i use the car for motorway driving mostly so i need something smooth and a good ride.

    im thinking of getting a 18 inch rim with a 225 40 trye...

    the PCD is 5x100 and the offset to be et32? can i stray away from that? if so how much? I want the wheels to look normal and not pretruding the arches or anything silly

    Question 4: Last one, i promise haha

    Recall on ignition coils. I have the n249 bypass with the amk engine. will audi still do the job without going mardy?

    thanks :yes:

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