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S3 O/S rear Bleed Nipple? where how when can i get one? help?

trimz Aug 2, 2013

  1. trimz

    trimz New Member

    My cars currently stuck round a friends, we broke the rear o/s bleed nipple when bleeding it and I am struggling to get one.

    I have tried TPS who didnt know which one it was and they would have to order it and it wouldnt be here till monday
    GSF said they had it and gave me the wrong part...
    Audi didnt answer the phone 3 times...
    Euro said they didnt list anything...

    tried a few indipendant motor factors but no luck

    Im struggling here guys,

    its a 99 APY engines S3 Quattro.. I just need the one, I need it so bad if anyone has one im willing to travel or even maybee buy a whole caliper.

    let me know, thanks guys!

  2. JimS3

    JimS3 Active Member

    I got a set of stainless nipples from HEL performance, there in Exeter, but do mail order.

    Could always get some shiney braided hoses from them too!

    Also loads on ebay. Have you measured the size, M10 x 1 rings a bell, but that might be the fronts.
  3. trimz

    trimz New Member

    Great thanks, i had to drive 20miles to get what i needed that saturday, everything good now and brakes feel really good! got the goodridge braided lines and the brembos all round now ;)

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