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S3 NWK -Black 2006 S3 - Does anyone know the history of this vehicle?

jamieswales Apr 20, 2010

  1. jamieswales

    jamieswales Active Member

    Seen this car forsale in Bradford from a dealership (but seems they just operate from home). Just wondered if anyone knows any history of this car? Its had 5 owners so this may be the reason its cheap, but just wanted to check if anyone knows anything i should need to know.

  2. jamieswales

    jamieswales Active Member

    Also, was a sunroof an option with the S3 as this one has one?
  3. silstream

    silstream Member

    Yeah sunroof was (and still ia) an option with the S3. They're pretty rare and I know people say you don't need them these days with air-con/climate control but I've always loved them and so I spent months trying to find the right S3 with a sunroof - a must have for me but no option (dare I say it even the bucket seats!) is worth having if the car isn't right otherwise... better to have a basic spec S3 in genuine good condition than a lemon with all the options...

    5 owners is a lot but not necessarily a cause for concern if everything else checks out ok. From what I've seen, performance cars like the S3 are often toys only kept by some for a year or so (sometimes less) and then traded on. However, with 6 owners if/when you come to sell it on this will go against the re-sale value and be harder to sell so unless you know you're going to keep the car for a long time don't be led into a false economy here... if it's worth £1000 less today with 5 owners it'll still be worth £1000 less than market value in 3 years time (and they'll be even more S3's on the market to choose from then) I reckon...

    Just my thoughts but hope that helps :)

  4. jamieswales

    jamieswales Active Member

    Cheers Pete, I guess that was kind of what im thinking. This is just within my budget and the added bonus of P/X available. No other S3s forsale can seem to match this price that have the ability to p/x.

    Just wanted to ensure it had nio hidden history.
  5. robby

    robby Active Member

    Which garage is it in Bradford? no 1 on **** Lane next to the caravan place :sadlike:
  6. PH1L

    PH1L Gievf Buckets

    get a hpi check as well mate
  7. Jamiekip

    Jamiekip Member

    S3 doesn't strike me as a toy kept for a year at a time.
    For people to want to move the car on so quickly rings alarm bells with me... could be a lemon, recurring faults and could cost you a lot of money.
    Take the reg to an Audi dealer and see if they will advise of any issues relating to the car in their systems - it will show warranty work etc etc
  8. aldo286

    aldo286 Member

    jamie , im trading my wifes s3 in silver 07 plate fully loaded rsn-e the lot 25000 miles in , for a 170 black ed , the car is immaculate , and faultless , youd be better of selling yours or even trading it and buying something 100 % genuine , like my wifes for peace of mind mate, and you can have it at trade the same as what audi are offering , o and it been giac mapped with a mitek on it , cheers mate alan
  9. cabby86

    cabby86 Member

    I don't know the history, but personally I would stay clear with the number of owners.....

    I had a quick look and managed to find this (hope the link works) http://www.autoquake.com/used-audi-a3/s3-quattro-3dr-petrol-manual/inspid=21455

    The car has a sunroof as well. If you click along the specification tab it shows its a one owner car and there are pics of the service history which is all Audi.

    Might be worth a look???


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