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S3 money pit?

Y83OLK Sep 15, 2009

  1. eagle_s3

    eagle_s3 Member

    Thanks for that csweatherston. I'll save the pennies and get it sorted out by the garage then as 5 hrs for you could be who know how long for me.
  2. Effect

    Effect Member

    the £1800 on my credit card and the masses of other cash i have spent on the car would tend to agree with the OP.
    heh heh.

    I want to change all my bushes out next as the car has done 115k do you guys think it would be wise as a matter of course to change the bushes at this age even though the mechanic has checked them and says that he thinks they all seem ok ?
    P.S. have already change front ARB and front wishbone front bushes.

  3. Y83OLK

    Y83OLK Hulk Smash!

    Hopefully my rear bearing will be the last job i have to do for a while...this time tomorrow my car should be perfect (touch wood)
    Theres a lot of comments in here about suspension mods changing peoples opinion of the car, Is it really that bad in standard form?..
  4. stevehart

    stevehart Bring on the Ice!!

    the difference is amazing
  5. The Doctor

    The Doctor Well-Known Member

    Just had mine replaced with Powerflex on the front w/bones & ARBs - much better now. Car has done 65k, so at 115k it sounds like you'll be due a new set soon anyway.
  6. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator Team Daytona Audi S3 quattro Audi A6 Audi Avant Owner Group

    The standard stuff is a bit soft and wallowy during corners out the box, uprated changed the car's handling quite a bit.
  7. turbonutta

    turbonutta New Member

    HHHM i agree money pit

    i had to have two new coils
    new aux water pump
    new air filter
    oil filter

    and lots of petrol aaarrgghh oh well i do love it and i have only had it 2 weeks, i just hope i dont have any other probs as im well into my overdraft after insurance and all the bits iv had to buy oh well

    i must admit im driving it really carfully as i cant afford to break it
    it still glugs the juice tho...i bung 20quid in it and the on board comp says
    150miles range i get about 90 miles thats the price of a performance mota i spose....imagine what a s8 v10 consumes........
  8. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    You cant count service components like oil and filter as this is all part of maintaining any car.

    When you set out to buy a 2nd hand car without a warrenty you need to factor in the costs of things going wrong. I put £100 a month into a specific car account to spend on service, Tax, insurance, and MOT when they come round. That way I wont get caught short. If anything mechanical goes wrong it comes out of my main pay.

    I dont see any point in driving round carefully just incase something breaks or you'll always be worrying and not enjoying the car. I drive it like I stole it and if it breaks, it breaks.
  9. indiemike

    indiemike ZoomZoom

    Since I bought it in march:

    2 rear tyres: £250
    Oil change I done myself: £60
    haldex oil + filter £95

    so in 6 months only £405

    Think I spent more on my corsa when I had it

    but touchwood it stays low cost running. But overall there great cars and I wouldn't change it 4 the world, all cars have problems from times 2 times, if u want a low cost run around get a cheap fiesta, if u want a quick fun car stick with the S3, simple
  10. Y83OLK

    Y83OLK Hulk Smash!

    It never rains it pours!
    Rear wheel bearing was one of the most awkward i have done in a while, i even had to make a puller for it!.
    Ontop of that, one partially seized rear calliper, and a bleed nipple which wont budge :(
  11. Fuzzy felt

    Fuzzy felt Member

    mine is starting to cost some pennies now too, have had to replace the front cv boots, rear pads, front wishbone bushes recently, and tonight the headlight switch has gone weird and turns the front fogs on at the same time ! from looking at some old posts it is about £90 for a new switch !
  12. The Doctor

    The Doctor Well-Known Member

    Yep, that's exactly what I do. That way the "expected" costs are covered before they arise and it's only the unexpected ones to fork out for.

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