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S3 knocking noise from engine

IanF S3 Feb 27, 2013

  1. IanF S3

    IanF S3 New Member

    Ive had my S3 since November and all has been well untill now, its a 2007 with 40k on the clock but was bought from a main dealer so has the 12 month Audi warranty and goes in on Monday, but just wondering if someone else has had anything similar...

    Once the engine is warm you can hear what seems to be a top end knocking/tapping noise quite loudly from inside the cabin, this deffinatly isnt the usual injector noise and Audi have already comfirmed as much, its just they dont seem to know what it is either at the minute.
    You can also hear it under the bonnet but with the injector noise under there it seems more prominent from inside.
    I know its not much to go on but has anyone had anything similar? All seems fine otherwise.
  2. Lee551247

    Lee551247 New Member

    Does the knocking noise stop if you put your fut on the clutch? Mine had a knocking noise and needed a new DM flywheel and gearbox after 6,000 miles.

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