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  1. Volkswagenization

    Volkswagenization New Member

    Hi guys,

    Bought an S3 not long ago. It's developed some issues, the rear passenger calliper was sticking when doing tight corners( car parks etc).

    I've replaced both rear callipers and pads and cleaned the discs up. Unfortunately the fluid drained while it was sitting waiting for parts.

    I used a Gubson kit to rebelled the system. However the brakes were dreadful, pedal was fine while engine was off but when the engine was running the pedal would go to the floor and bite last minute.

    So I read on here and went back and re bled and then bled the master cylinder. They are much better but still not right.

    But now the car does this juddering all the time it's like the front and rear brakes are sticking on.

    It's worse when pulling away and when accelerating in any gear from low revs ( haven't tried high revs as I'm worried I break something if I go much faster than ten mph!!)

    It's always had dreadful fuel economy 20 around town driving like a granny but usually around 14 driving normally.

    I have pulled fuse 31 and 9 which are the haldex fuse and the abs fuse but the problem is still there.

    Fuses on top of battery are fine the big 50amp ones.

    Any ideas what it could be? I'm praying its not a diff/ transfer box and something simple like trapped air in brakes or needing to run through an abs bleed cycle.

    Could it be flipped seals in the master cylinder?

    Any help would be very appreciated


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