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S3 insurance

red or dead Aug 26, 2011

  1. Arnie

    Arnie Member

    postocde yes a lot porbably but ncb doesnt make that difference for me for example. Just to see I put 5 years and them 9 years to see how much would it save me. only 65 between them two... Changing job description or adding girlfriend makes bigger saving

    computer technician is on the same level as trainee account and accountant. I even checked how is it to be a priest :) in my quote it came up 150 more expensive than computer technician
  2. A1DEYB

    A1DEYB Well-Known Member

    Why does your occupation matter? Fair enough if you were a car mechanic you maybe be more likely to mess about with it and make it run faster blah blah, but I'm a Sales Estimator for fire sprinklers by day and i do my own M&E Building Services CAD on a night. What effect could this possibly have on the way i treat my car?
  3. Arnie

    Arnie Member

    occupation matters a lot, for example if you are casino manager you will be going late at night and leaving your car in high risk area.
    if someone is a builder its possible he may use his car for work sometimes so risk is highier
    all jobs office based 9-5 will have lower risk than others. and police officer will have the lowest. race driver will be mad man so his insurance will be sky high
    journalists have high insurance but if they provide copy-writer as their job title it makes their premium lower

    if you google how job title affects insurance you will find loads of info and articles, but best way is just run a quote online and amend few times changing job title you will see difference in premium. some jobs are on the same level but other make bigger or smaller difference. its good to play with it for a while

    I ran around 150 quotes last 3 days, got blocked on Admiral now but managed to take down my insurance premium of ~£1600 from gocompare to £813. 3 days worth of research paid off :)
  4. red or dead

    red or dead Member

    I'm in BD10, the insurance for my TDI 170 has just gone up from £750 to £1150!

    It is Bd that is the problem, I put my friends postcode in, he lives in Devon - £322!!!!!!!
  5. rOb_A

    rOb_A Active Member

    try AXA insurance. I to have been looking a S3. I have 3 points and a speeding ban showing on my licence but got quote £480.00 with NCP inc.
  6. red or dead

    red or dead Member

    Just tried on my TDI mate, £1280, I need to move to a better city I think!
  7. -Ju-

    -Ju- Well-Known Member Team Panther VCDS Map User Audi S3

    Wow, that's twice as much as my S3 and I'm in BD7!
  8. kevsin

    kevsin Member

    i'm 22 yr old with 3 yrs no claims costed me £1600 with privilage on a s3 10plate no mods
  9. Hanz

    Hanz Member

    Im in Bath, 20 years old, 2yrs ncb, my own policy, £1100 fully comp with Admiral

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