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S3 Instrument Cluster Problem - PLEASE HELP !

imported_G123 Oct 11, 2004

  1. imported_G123

    imported_G123 Guest

    Please help if anyone has experienced this before !??

    A intermittent electronic problem has occured on my 2001 S3. The entire instrument cluster seems to lose power, while driving and stopped.

    First happened while driving - Rev counter, speedo, temp. and fuel gauge all die, and everything else - DIS, milage display clock and date all go off.

    Clock, date and fuel computer all lost there memory today.

    Also happens when car is just ticking over on the drive.

    Stays off for about 2 seconds then comes back on. The engine does not cut out though, still drives as normal.

    So it seems the instrument cluster is loosing power ???

    Cant help but think this will be an expensive one !!

    Any help appreciated please.

    S3 G
  2. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    A friend of mine had this happen on his A6 last week. Seemed cold weather effects his car.

    Unfortunately the fix was to replace the complete unit. Wasn't cheap. :-(
  3. georgie

    georgie New Member

    Happened to me some time back on my then-new S3, exactly as described. The verdict was a dead instrument cluster. Fortunately was replaced under warranty.... So no idea of the cost.
  4. MarkS3

    MarkS3 Member

    €700 is what i was quoted.
  5. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    I've got one in my cupboard. Had planned to fit it but there is an issue with the immobiliser between two different types so I dont belive that it will code, that plus I believe you can no longer get the SKC ant more.
  6. imported_G123

    imported_G123 Guest

    Hi Boxer,

    Got the cluster removed and all connections checked, and all fuse connections checked. All tested out fine and they say that it is probally the cluster faulting - could be a dry solder joint, cracked circuit board etc...

    Havent changed it yet ! - Been quoted £334 plus vat plus fitting.

    What was your price ? Have audi looked at your car ?

    Last time it faulted the trip milage kept changing too - look out for this. Defo seems like a cluster fault.

    Since it has been dismantled it has'nt faulted since, fingers crossed....

    S3 G
  7. Boxer

    Boxer New Member

    Hi S3G
    Apologies for delayed response, have been overseas! Continue struggling with Audi in South Africa to sort out my instrument cluster. Still acting exactly the same as you described above - when cold, instrumentation acts like its possessed, then settles when the car is warmed up... Date time keeps resetting along with trip. Fuel and temp gauges are now not accurate - seem to have settled about 20% above what they actually are (looks like I have more petrol than I do!)
    Audi have quoted R 6000 (the equivalent of about 550 pounds), so I'm not pleased.
    Seems like its a loose connection at the back of the cluster, but they're saying it's a "sealed unit" so they won't touch it.
    Car's got 60 000 kms, can't believe it!

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