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s3 immobilizer problem

rob irl tdi Feb 25, 2012

  1. rob irl tdi

    rob irl tdi Member

    Ok just had our soccer committe meeting there and came out of our local and the s3 immobilizer light is coming on . It starts and cuts out. Came home and got my spare and the same

    Had no time to do a scan as my battery on laptop is fecked.

    Any ideas lads? Don't wanna leave it there long

    BENJAMIN Active Member

    Very odd. It appears to have lost its coding. Do you have the skc code? Worth checking the receiver and wire from the receiver for damage, they hook over the ignition barrell inside the cowling. This may sound odd but the first thing you should try is putting the key in the ignition, turning it to the first stage and leaving it in there an hour, strangely this does work for some models, I've got a couple of cars repaired this way.

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