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S3 I Know What It's For.

JimmyJames Nov 27, 2007

  1. JimmyJames

    JimmyJames Jas.

    Thought I'd share this, only cause I'm chuffed to f*8k with it.:s3addict:

    Now that my S3 is warming up after delivery mileage and being on hol today i decided to :asskicking: of the S3 round the twisty hills and glens of perthshire.

    I've come back beaming.It's the most exhilarating throughly engaging drive I've had in a long time. Its even better than my 240Bhp TT Quattro Sport.

    Roads were a bit wet but quiet as you would expect at this time of year no dozy caravans or puddle jumpers. Gave me the chance to shift and attack some stunning twisty bends round Loch Earn. This car was made for it. Rough ride in some pot holes of course but that firmness is there for a reason. Got the techy "keep your car on the road" stuff to kick in a few times so i know it works. Nice to know I'll come out the other side of a corner intact.

    Refering to another thread on looks and dynamics. Audi ploughed the money into handling and under pinnings and they soooooooooo got it right. Give me the stealth look with the grippyest grippy thing and spitfire acceleration anytime.

    Lads S3's are a drivers joy and I'm so chuffed to have one.

    S3 I KNOW WHAT IT'S FOR.:thumbsup:

    Get out there and :asskicking: today. YE HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    57 Dolphin Grey S3
    MFFBSW,Symphony 6,I-Pod,Bose,GSM,Front Arm Rest,Light n Rain Pack, Cruise Control.
  2. markwiggy

    markwiggy Third Gear

    Nice one, you do have some of the best roads in the country to enjoy the S3, had the pleasure of thrashing mine around the Moffat/ Peebles area a few weeks ago and the roads were awesome. Drove my 20TQ from Isle of Sky to home last year and the roads were even better up there.

  3. treblesykes

    treblesykes Member

    you like it so much your writing has gone blue
  4. fesss_84

    fesss_84 Sylar

    i agree 100% pal,

    iv got a super charged A3 2.0 TDI producing jus under 200 BHP and its amazing. the torque is unbelievable... it's my first audi and its going to be a while before i go for another brand car.
  5. Randomjim

    Randomjim Active Member

    A super charged a3 2.0 turbo diesel???????
  6. fesss_84

    fesss_84 Sylar

    yep, ecu remaped
  7. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    Not turbocharged?
  8. Randomjim

    Randomjim Active Member

    Did you mean super chipped? lol
  9. s3mike

    s3mike Member

    I know what you mean, the S3 feels fairly ordinary when crusing about but when you throw it at some corners it really comes to life. It seems to have loads of grip, great brakes and great acceleration when pressing on.

    Makes me wonder abot the magazine reviews, some didn't like it but Evo and Autocar ( and the others who took it on a real test ) really love it.

    I used to have a Leon Cupra R and I find the S3 suspension so much more compliant that I find myself going silly speeds without realising it on back roads.
  10. siu00adg

    siu00adg Member

    I totally agree, I'm in love with my S3! It really is an amazing drive, it looks similar to my 8P A3, but the dynamics are leagues ahead! Before I took delivery I had loads of mods to the suspension and engine planned but to be honest it is so good I'm not going to bother (well, maybe a remap!)

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