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S3 Heater is not very good?

skelters Nov 9, 2008

  1. skelters

    skelters New Member

    As i've recently changed over from BMW Z4 to S3 I thought I'd wait a while to see what I found as possible problems.

    So far,

    Car takes a while to heat up from cold. Temperature gauge moves up to the middle of the gauge in a further distance than the 2.5 Z4 took. Smaller engine so I thought it would be faster to heat up.

    The heater is not very powerful at all. It is on, clears the windows but doesn't seem as if it's vey powerful.

    Is this common or should I take it back to Audi?
  2. tmint

    tmint Member

    When its set on auto the climate control will not blow very powerful until its warm air its blowing, then it will boost itself up to get the interior to the desire temp. This is so it doesnt blow cold air in your face for the first five minutes of any journey.

    You can just press the plus (+) button to overrideit and get it blowing more powerfull if you want.

    Hope this answers your question unless ive compleatly mis-understood what you meant.

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