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S3 Heated Recaros for sale

t30gue Sep 22, 2004

  1. t30gue

    t30gue Member

    Thought I'd give someone on here a chance before putting these on Ebay.
    Pair of Black Heated and Electric Recaros from S3 for sale, includes headrests and rear seats. These are fully functional and are generally in very good condition. Drivers seat shows some signs of wear, but there are no rips/tears/burn marks in any of these seats.
    Unfortunately there are no door cards supplied.
    Maybe be a good project for someone?
    I am looking for a minimum of £450, buyer collects.
    Contact Chris on 01639 643556 or 07971 954512 or mail T30gue@aol.com
    Genuine enquiries only please!

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