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S3 - GIAC Remap Review

Spin140 Jan 14, 2008

  1. Vtec Abuser

    Vtec Abuser Member

    Words right out of my mouth... :sm4:
    I bought my Select switch of Ebay too.. My ED30 is booked in for next week for it's Revo map. Getting it done for £500 all in..
  2. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    Tried this with my REVO guy but he wouldnt go for it, ended up paying £590 or so.
    Even if I could get a cash deal and an SPS for £100 it still would stand me £150 more than the Bluefin route at £450 and Ive yet to hear bad press for Bluefin

    That said, Ive had excellent experience with REVO and the aftesales is first rate.

  3. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    The Revo is adjustable...... But don't buy an SPS, they don't work on CAN based (Golf V based) cars, you need a select plus.
  4. QuickNick

    QuickNick Member

    Had my S3 remapped by Statller in Sheffield on Friday. Opted for the GIAC 'Hammer' map based upon what I had read on the forum; in a nutshell Bluefin seems to be difficult to tell that the car has been remapped, REVO is very boosty and GIAC is more progressive (stupid map name though!).

    Steve Jnr did the car - I got there just as he was wheeling out 4 Porsche 911's from his unit, so once he had done that, he made me a cup of tea and we had a natter about stuff and then he got down to business.

    It took about 45 minutes to map the car - whilst he was doing the car, I had a wander around the forecourt (used to be a petrol station) and admired the 911's and also a 360 spyder that was in for a service.

    Once the car had been done, we went for a short blast so that Steve could confirm that he was happy with the remap and that there weren't any issues. First time I had sat in the passenger seat of my car! Everything was OK, so he pulled over and let me have a blast. We were in a built up area, so it was difficult to give it max beans, but it definately felt quicker - more urge when accelerating from 3000 revs upwards and it was smooth too - no lumps and bumps. We did a couple of laps of his test circuit and all was well, so I paid my money and off I went to play myself.

    Drove back down the M1 and I think it was money well spent! As a few people have already said, it's not going to be a huge boot in the back, but you definately notice the fact that the car is more willing to accelerate and is quicker to pickup from low revs.

    I would thoroughly recommend anyone to get a GIAC map - this is the first car that I've had remapped, although I've had all of my bikes in the last 6 years remapped and it is definately worth doing. I would also highly recommend Steve Jnr at Statller. He's very knowledgeable - he knows his VAG engines inside out and he's very friendly too.
  5. Spin140

    Spin140 Well-Known Member

    Nice one Nick knew you'd be pleased with the results.

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