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S3 get's bummed!!!

RonstarS3 Aug 17, 2010

  1. RonstarS3

    RonstarS3 Member

    Just another case of the S3 being overlooked yet again. Just like when the Focus RS was the new kid on the block, and it was destroying ever hot hatch in reviews and yet they failed or were un-interested in comparing the S3 to it.
  2. pluves1

    pluves1 Active Member

    I'll add my 2p worth.

    I own a MK5 Gti and an S3.

    I looked at a Rocco prior to buying my S3. I recall trying to spec it up to S3 standard kit and there was only a few grand difference. Try and spec MK6 Gti to S3 spec and there isn't a great deal of difference.
    To be fair to the S3 its an 'old' model and doesn't have the new kit that VW seems to get such as the touchscreen RNS510. Great bit of kit enabling full 7 digit postcode search, no dvd for maps all preloaded and loads of room for music. The S3 system is shocking for what they charge. I was test driving other Audis yesterday and the salesman was embarrassed.
    In my mind the Audi has the better interior over VW but, it could be sooooo much better with a few tweaks. Better seats with lumbar support as standard. I prefer the seats in my Gti for the support they offer. The steering wheel is the most uncomfortable one that I have had the misfortune to be behind. They need to simply add the TTRS one as standard. The sat nav needs to upgraded sharpish. Apparently the new A8 has an all singing all dancing one so the sooner they adopt that for all models the better.
    Make those tweaks and you will have one of the best interiors for a small hatch by a mile.
    As for ride the gti is not good. The Audi seems to soak up the bumps better. I test drove a TT and a Q5 yesterday and Audi seems to have nailed the suspension setup. However, you need to go at least to S Line spec to get the full benefit. The S3 is one of the best riding hot hatches I've driven.
    As for Quatto - well those who can't tell the difference obviously haven't driven the cars in all conditions. I came out of the a BMW 330d M Sport and thought that was good (suprisingly good in the wet and on the twistys). Let down so badly by its inability to cope with even a whiff of snow! The S3 was a very welcome addition to my winter driving and even with standard tyres the car copes with the snow and slush with great ease. Nothing gave me more pleasure than cruising past lines of drivers too afraid to the use the outside lane of the A19 as there was a smattering of snow!

    As for the cars in the autoexpress test this is why I wouldnt touch them

    Megane - its a renault and will rattle and shake especially if you're putting 25k mileage on it per annum.
    Rocco - it only had two doors and four seats and I sometimes need to carry 5 people.
    Focus - dont think a FWD car can handle all that power and I didnt fancy the attention it might get from boy racers if you're sat at lights. Oh and the interior is not a nice place to be.

    So I went for the S3. 5 doors. Power is handled well by the Quattro. Good level of standard kit. 20,000 miles later and I don't have any regrets other than my fuel bills now mean I'm going to have to go back to diesel. I will however, be selling the Gti rather than the S3 which we'll keep for the weekend!

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