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S3 Full Beam Alignment/direction?!

Wernlas Apr 19, 2008

  1. Wernlas

    Wernlas New Member

    Hi folks, my first post as I bought my 2001 S3 on Wednesday.

    I've noticed my offside Full Beam seems to point off very high!
    If i'm driving along I tend to be lighting up the tree tops on the other side of the road, is anyone elses like that?

    Main beam is perfect and as I had it serviced by Audi Thursday I asked them to check the lights anyway, they came back saying it needed adjusting and they'd done that but it still seems wrong to me.
    I don't think they made much adjustment at all as main beam was fine before it went in.
    I assume you can't adjust the full beam independent of the main beam though?! or can you?

    I was going to go back to Audi to say it's still not right but thought i'd check if that's the norm.
    Even parked on the drive 6 foot from a fence panel I stick on full beam and you can see the beam is a good 6 inches higher on the drivers side than the passenger side.
  2. S3Steve

    S3Steve Active Member

    The two beams are not independently adjustable as far as i know mate. The headlamp has two adjusters on it, one for vertical and one for horizontal allignment, these adjustments effect both dipped and main beam.
  3. Wernlas

    Wernlas New Member

    Cheers Steve, that's what I thought.
    Hmmm maybe that's just the way it is then, I had an A3 Turbo previously and the lights were fine but it was pre-facelift with the integral Fog lights so bit of a different setup.

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