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S3 front suspension clonking

Ben H Oct 24, 2011

  1. Ben H

    Ben H On a journey...

    With all the good weather recently, I've had the windows open a lot at low speed.

    When driving over uneven roads, speed bumps and parking, I can hear a clonking / rattle noise coming from what I think is the front suspension. Now that I've heard it, I notice it during all slow driving around town at sub-20mph speeds!

    It's not the click you get from the S-Tronic, it's more "hollow" and substantial than that - and definitely related to suspension movement. I'm covered under warranty for any problems, but would really rather this wasn't true!

    Any experiences or recommendations? :(
  2. Mji

    Mji New Member

    Mine has a similar hollow ish rattle/rumble from the front at low speeds. Just been mot'd etc would like to know if it's gonna be a problem too.

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