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s3 front grill + rear bumper/valance question/opinions

woody03 Jul 20, 2011

  1. woody03

    woody03 Member

    alright im slowly building up my parts for my 04 a3 2.0tdi 3dr. firstly looking for help/part nos etc for the correct s3 front grill which i require. i have a 2007 s3 8p2 front bumper which im struggling to find a front grill for 2nd hand. i see lots of 2008- grills for sale but ive read these dont fit so if anyone can help me out with one or part nos etc that would be great. also ive been looking at getting a black edition rear bumper valance with the twin exhaust exit ideally or the s3 8p2 or 8p3 rear bumper/valance combo and was wondering if i would need to alter my exhaust setup at all if anyone knows? i currently have the downturned pipes and am going to get the straight tips fitted when i have a rear bumper sourced/fitted but ive read somewere that the exhausts dont line up with some bumper/valance combos anyone know if this is correct or not?

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