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S3 Front Bumper & Side Skirts Possible Sale..

johal87 Aug 18, 2009

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  1. johal87

    johal87 Member

    Hi, i recently brought these for my damaged audi a3, but im thinking about just putting the s line parts on in stead.. so i just basically want back what i paid for them

    Front bumper, including front grill (hair line crack in crome, can be fixed as i was going to have to fixed and sprayed black) and the lower fog surrounds, and the covers for the headlamp washers £400

    Side Skirts, Genuine S3, Slight Damage on one side skirt, a very very minor repair, £300

    items are yellow in color, but the bumper as already been prep'd for spraying, i could possibly get the side skirts done as well as there at the body shop. thanks
  2. Staz

    Staz is a retronaut Moderator VCDS Map User

    Please put your items for sale in the classifieds Johal87.

    Or if you ebay them you can post links in the ebay thread in the stickies.
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