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S3 for USA??

cbass Apr 19, 2004

  1. cbass

    cbass Member

    Some of you guys might already know more on this subject than I do, but I decided to email Audi to find out about the release of the A3 in the US. More specifically the release of the S3 (hehe). Here's the response I got back from Marjorie.

    "Dear Bradlee:

    Thank you for contacting Audi of America.

    We certainly appreciate you taking the time to share your comments with us regarding the 3- and 5-door A3 models. We welcome feedback from our customers regarding their experience and preferences. This information is extremely important to us in future product planning.

    Regarding the S3, nothing has yet been announced, but as one of our chief officers said, "Where the A goes, the S can't be far behind." When there is news you may be sure it will be the subject of a press release and will appear on our website..

    Your note has been forwarded to the appropriate individuals. We look forward to hearing from you again if we can help with any other information or be of any further assistance.

    Again, thank you for contacting Audi.



    Good news for those of us on this side of the sea!! I am so excited to see the new A3 and later the S3 in showrooms, I can hardly contain myself...

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    PS let me know if anybody knows any more about it!


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