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S3 Essential options

julians Nov 4, 2007

  1. julians

    julians Member

    Thinking of buying an S3, and would be interested to hear what people consider 'must have' options after you've owned the car for while. You know the sort, the ones where you think "I wish I'd have ordered x or y."

    I've been through the options list, and this ia what I reckon I need.

    -metallic paint
    -alcantara/leather sports seats (not buckets)
    -multi function wheel, Is there any difference between the flat bottom wheel and round one?
    -bose sound
    -Interior light pack, is this necessary?
  2. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    Think you have answered your own question here as the flat bottom one has a flat bottom!
  3. julians

    julians Member

    Thats all the difference is?

    multi function round wheel will do me then.
  4. prt57

    prt57 Well-Known Member

    I would recommend the lumbar support for the standard seats and mine has a sunroof. Very nice as it lets light in and I do like to drive with it tilted up at the back. I wish that I had ordered the interior light pack as it gives lots of little lights here and there. Auto lights are a nice touch but not essential. I ordered the ipod connection but never used it as my son has broken his Nano and the new one has a different shape.
    Keep the standard wheels as no other model has them.
    Cheers prt
  5. jamiekip

    jamiekip Guest


    If I we're ordering mine again here's what i'd spec on it:

    Stuff I ordered first time round:
    Flat bottom steering wheel - comfier to hold than the round version (round one had stitching on the inside of the rim that 'dug' in to my thumb on the test drive!)
    i-POD - just handy to have all my music in the car - it has it's vices though!
    BOSE - contrary to some, I quite enjoy the quality of the BOSE system, however it does play MP3's quieter than CD's which is annoying!
    Light pack - Makes it feel a bit more special inside and the lights in the bottom of the doors are genuinely useful on a dark night!
    Folding Mirrors - essential in London!
    Cruise - useful in average speed limit areas
    Electric Lumbar - Just gives you that extra bit of adjustment on your seats
    Centre armrest - Great on long runs
    Sunband - trivial, but I always notice it!

    Wish I'd ordered:
    GSM Phone prep in the armrest - what with current legislation around the use of mobiles I really wish I'd ordered this.
    Luggage net - considering how well this car handles, it's useful to be able to strap stuff down in the boot!!!

    All my personal opinion of course!!!

    Happy shopping!

  6. a3norwich

    a3norwich Not anymore - Back 2 BMW (shh)

    Got to have the flat bottom S/W: makes it just a little bit more special inside. Flippy mirrors and auto-wipers are a definite; interior light pack is nice!
  7. JohnS3

    JohnS3 Active Member

    As below .....
  8. SSS3

    SSS3 Member

    I find the centre arm rest in the way most of the time when it's down and only use it for really long trips.

    Dual-Tone leathers
    square bottom steering - looks verysporty
    bose isn't really THAT great tbh ...
    Lights package is nice
    get some decent wheels as an option - 7-spoke gmbh ones look hot
    get a decent colour - personally my choices are silver - white -black

    pdc and all that other stuff is nice but just loads up the price.

    I also like hte centre unit with the satnav - really sexy.
  9. s3shane

    s3shane New Member

    i didnt get my s3 new but made sure i found one that had flat bottom steering wheel and buckets. these two things along with the rest of the interior, with the sat nav, bose, interior light pack, dimming mirrors arm rests,ipod connection etc etc.. basically made the car for me. i guess how old you are is a factor too, im 26 and think a car like this needs to be made as sporty as possible, thats why the iside had to look as good as the outside. i felt the original seats were a bit dull to be honest (sorry). at the end of the day tho everyone knows what they want from a car, its up to your heart leading the way or your wallet!
  10. S3Didge

    S3Didge Member

    Mine was a cancelled order but had pretty much everything i wanted except a sunroof and buckets.

    However things i wouldn't have ordered but having lived with them would defo order again are:

    Rear Parking Sensors - extremely useful!
    Hill Hold Function - just love it!

    Flat bottom steering wheel, while not essential makes the car feel that bit more special IMO.
  11. JamS3

    JamS3 Active Member

    As below on my sig....

    Added sat nav, bluetooth, centre armrest and audio spec after purchase by retrofit!

    Mine was a cancelled order aswell so got it very quickly but only thing it does not have that I would have specced first was the flat bottom wheel!

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