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S3 DIS Oil Temperature show "---C" ???

Gizmo306 Sep 21, 2007

  1. Gizmo306

    Gizmo306 New Member

    First post here since trouble founded.
    I am looking for information about my S3 where in TAIWAN.
    I check many times that my DIS Oil Temperature show "---C" only.:crying:

    I got my dealer check it today, and technician say "there was NO Oil temp. Sensor" in my car. all the S3 in Taiwan is all the same. He also show me the position where is under the casing of Engine Oil tub. there were 3 screw hold & flat surface in between. No Sensor installed.:no:

    I Know most of you guys in UK got the DIS display normally. but I need suggestion.

    Doesn't the Oil Temperature Sensor need to be installed for ECU managerment?:readit:
    Where & How is the Sensor look like? And maybe photo is better, than I can show it to my dealer.

    ANY idea ??? :huh:
  2. RobinA3

    RobinA3 Well-Known Member

    The engine ECU doesn't need oil temperature, it usually requires: coolant tem and oil pressure.
  3. Gizmo306

    Gizmo306 New Member

    Thanks for you reply, Robin.
    I am lots more comfort now.

    Maybe I will asking an retrofit for the sensor, If my dealer can do that!:whip:

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