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S3 Dilemma! :/

KeepItTidy Oct 27, 2009

  1. KeepItTidy

    KeepItTidy Member

    When I purchased my car (second hand) it wasnt stock.
    It had a De-cat and software. 30 000km.
    I was told it was running APR software.

    since getting the car I've put on a Forge CAI and a custom built 76mm Downpipe.

    I was under the impression i was running stage 1 APR software, and went to my APR dealer to see about an upgrade to stage 2 since I already had all the hardware. APR promise a Free upgrade so was really keen on getting it done.

    When I got to the dealer they took my car round back to check weather they had the right SW for my S3. He came back a short while later with some bad news....
    He said my car doesnt have APR software on.:(
    I was pretty bummed and upset for a few reasons..
    Firstly.. I have no idea what SW is on my car.. It could be some backyard tuner for all I know.
    Secondly, I now have to Pay for new sofware for stage1 and again If i want to go to stage 2.
    which will cost me about 600 pounds.

    Im outputting 258HP ATW on a recent RR run. and my car goes like a bat out of hell.
    I've had a few TLGP against E46 M3 CSL/E92 M3 etc.
    Im faster then all of them up here at the reef.

    So my question is,

    Is it worth it to upgrade to stage 2 software with a well known tuner, when my car is running so well atm ? No problems what so ever...

    Or should I wait a while (a long while) and save for a HPFP and stage 2+ at the same time?

    I just cant help thinking she still has that little bit more power hiding....but on the other hand.. I might only see 5BHP for all that money. :uhm:

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