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S3 CD player help

joe6886 Oct 15, 2006

  1. joe6886

    joe6886 Member

    Hello there, I've just got my S3 and it has the tape player in the front and CD changer in the boot. I want to get rid of the Tape player and get a single slot CD player in the front to plug my Ipod into.

    I'm just trying to find out which OEM Cd player I can use, i've done a search but there is loads of conflicting information and I can't work out which one I need to buy.

    I was told I need a Concert 2, like this.....


    But then i've also read it wont fit, so can anyone clear up exactly which one I need.

    Its a 52 Reg S3 with BOSE, if that makes a difference at all

  2. joe6886

    joe6886 Member

    Anyone know which CD player is a straight swap to go in an S3? Still can't find any information which makes it 100% clear which one I need.
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Moderator

    You need a Concert 2 from an A3 or TT IIRC. Other Audi models have a slightly different fascia which won't fit flush in your S3
  4. campbell

    campbell Member

    iv got same setup and wondering if you dont need to change your headunit and just have your ipod hardwired in to your headunit from the back? so you can put your ipod in the glove box and select which song you want from the headunit. my mates done his this way but he doesnt know how to do it for my car and neither do i !?
  5. joe6886

    joe6886 Member

    Right ok, I have been told Concert 2 aswell. But the ones on Ebay seem to go wider at the top on the Fascia. The one in mine is just straight down on the edges. Guess ill have to keep searching.

    Campbell you can buy Ipod adaptor which plug into the CD changer plug in the back of the HU. Audi make one, there is also a couple of other makes that I have found. Dension Ice link is one, a few people on here seem to use that one.

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