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S3 cat B ???

hades- Feb 13, 2012

  1. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Audi S3 2007 365+ BHP 99P START NO RESERVE! | eBay

    well iv been in the repairing accident damaged cars for quite a few years and bought cat B's for parts a few times
    and tried a few times to get them back on the road no chance has dvla ever let me do it
    the add above says dvla has let him return a cat B to the road anyone ever got dlva to do this ?
  2. shariain

    shariain Well-Known Member

    I always thought it was only cat c or d's that would go back on the road cat b were for spares never repair and cat a are to be crushed the way they are.
  3. Sheikh

    Sheikh Member

    Nice looking car but that's a bit of a funny one! Was always under the impression that you couldn't put a CAT B car back onto the road regardless!
  4. 205man

    205man Active Member

    either he has got it wrong and its not a cat b, or its dodgy

    Cat A - Not for resale. Fire damaged (burnt-out), flood damaged (contaminated or salt water), severely damaged with no serviceable parts, or heavily stripped (shell).
    Notification of Destruction required. (To be crushed). Recorded at DVLA & HPI.

    Cat B – Not for resale. Damaged beyond economical repair and/or severe structural damage.
    Notification of Destruction required. (Parts can be removed and sold). Recorded at DVLA & HPI.

    Cat C – Repairable salvage. Generally applies to older vehicles. Can be sold for repair but must now have VIC inspection.
    Recorded at DVLA & HPI.

    Cat D - Repairable salvage. Minimal damage sometimes stolen and found after claim has been paid, or cost of repair combined with difficulty obtaining new parts to enable a swift repair.
    Recorded with HPI.

    Cat X – Repairable salvage. Not recorded on any registers such as HPI. Limited or very light damage, or vehicle is new or less than 12 months old. Usually requires minimal repair work.
    NOT Recorded with HPI.

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