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S3 Brake Pad advice

pazaz Sep 27, 2005

  1. pazaz

    pazaz Member

    Just had my car MOT'd and was advised my pads needed changing very soon.

    Has any of you got any preferance as to what pads I should buy, how much they are etc...

  2. C_Audiboy

    C_Audiboy Vroom Vroom

    I fitted EBC red stuff (and EBC discs too) a couple of thousand miles ago.

    I find it takes noticeably longer for the pads to 'bite' when they are cold when compared to the OEM parts. It can be slightly scary at times! When warmed up they are decent, but not any great improvement in slowing the car down IMO.

    The big advantage of the EBCs are they give off little or no dust. My rear brakes are OEM and they give much more dust off than the EBCs at the front despite being half the size.

    The pads cost £64 from an ebay seller, EBC part number DP31330C for the S3.
  3. nervus

    nervus Well-Known Member

    I ran EBC red stuffs for a while and have just reverted back to standard.

    The standards suit me better as im not too harsh on the brakes.

    Its true the EBC's give off less brake dust but when they wear down the pad material breaks away from the metal carrier on EBC pad sets which doesn't give you much confidence.

    I've heard nothing but good reports about Ferodo upgraded pads however and wouldn't mind giving them ago next time
  4. DavidR

    DavidR Active Member

    Fit the standard ones unless you want months of hassle and compromise finding just the right aftermarket pad for your driving style and use.
  5. imported_Stewart

    imported_Stewart Guest

    Would agree with David on that one, i got some Mintex fast road/track pads for my R32 ECS setup and found that at the Nurburgring I was stomping the pedal in the first few corners to get some heat in them to get a re-assuring bite to the feel, but then they were retaining the heat and fading stupidly fast to nothing!
    They seem to have a higher but very narrow working temp range.

    You dont really need brakes at the ring so i much preferred the standard pads with cold 'bite'. So yes its very much about matching your setup to your driving style.
  6. evotista

    evotista Member

    David R,

    Are you saying you're now not happy with your Ferodos?......i know you've been complaining of squealing, but AndyTQ hasn't suffered from this so far. interested to here your opinion on the ferodos for those of us who aren't likely to do any track days...just the occasional blat on public roads.

  7. DavidR

    DavidR Active Member

    No, the Ferrodos are excellent and in combination with the Brembo kit they work superbly - easily the best brakes I have ever had on any car (and at least on par with some brakes I have used on certain Porsche's recently)

    My point is that most people think about new brake pads as the old ones are worn and misguidedly think that an aftermarket pad will be better. In many cases this is not the case if you don't consider the caliper, disc setup combined with useage and driving style. Most people drive quickly on the road but for a daily driver as we all know the percentage of time spend with the brakes being properly used is minimal - as a daily driver and occasional fast road use the OEM pads are good and offer a good combination of value / longevity and performance. Go aftermarket and you lose the balance of these 3 factors, often detrimentally.

    I cannot suggest the DS2500s in a standard caliper as I haven't a clue how they work and I can't suggest them to others as I don't know their useage and style - for me they are superb and if you drive very hard (track mainly) then you won't go wrong.
  8. paulbinks

    paulbinks Member

    Hi all
    David R says he cant comment on ferrodo ds2500 pads on standard disc/calipers but i can and they are the best pads i have used, excellent bite from cold no fade whatso ever even on track and brilliant in wet weather,some may consider them expensive but i have used 1 set for 25000 miles including track days replaced them 2 months back after new discs were fitted(standard fit Brembo discs for £90 all in) which has made the brakes the best so far on my car.
    Cheers "Bingo"
  9. pazaz

    pazaz Member

    Cheers peops!!!

    How much r the OEM pads?


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