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s3 brake discs + pad recommendations

jordcoe Jan 29, 2014

  1. jordcoe

    jordcoe Member

    Hi guys

    just bought myself a pair of s3 front calipers for the a3!

    whats everyone using disc and pad wise?

    I've already got red stuff pads with the calipers but not heard great things about them, hear a lot of people using mintex?

    leaning towards grooved discs purely for the look ;) maybe tarox but can't seem to find much else.

    brakes aren't something i've ever really looked into so don't know a great deal about them! but thought it would be best have something better ready for remap time.

    any help/opinions appreciated!


  2. S3-Iain

    S3-Iain Member

    ive just put EBC ultimax discs and EBC yellow stuff pads on my s3.

    They have took a long time to bed in but they have got alot better now!!

    now im glad ive bought them and definatly worth the money.

    i had to get them extremely hot (pouring smoke when i stopped) before they bedded in properly.

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