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S3 Alarm System

snoopstasy Jul 8, 2011

  1. snoopstasy

    snoopstasy New Member

    Well, I managed to have my new S3 BE for three whole months before my RNS E Sat Nav and both wing mirrors were stolen, whilst the car was parked outside my apartment. I never heard a thing.

    It was only afterwards that I discovered how woefully inadequate the S3 security sytem appears to be - it doesn't go off when a window is smashed; rather, it seems to take 30-60 seconds for the sensor to register there is an open window, and when it does finally go off, casio watch alarm springs to mind.

    Given that you cannot remove the RNS E, this is just an open invitation to thieves and I am surprised by the lax security system and am in the process of seeing if Audi will pay for a decent (£400ish?) system for me as I need to do whatever I can to prevent this from happening again.

    With this in mind, can anyone recommend such a system, please? There seems to be a lot out there, including ones with remote warning systems, proximity detectors, etc, so I was wondering does anyone have experience of any of them? Any advice/info gratefully received.

    Oh, and one whose alarm you can actually hear too. :thumbsup:


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