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S3 Airbag light/seat help

TanyaS3 Apr 2, 2007

  1. TanyaS3

    TanyaS3 Member

    Hey all

    My air bag light has come on from me moving my drivers front seat forward. I can go and get this turned out at Audi but can anyone tell me what could be causing this under the seat to come on. Has this happened to others? Im pretty sure it would have. Any advice?

    It happened about a month ago and i got the light turned out and was told it was the seat and the light stayed out but now I have moved my seat again it has come on.

  2. Tooks

    Tooks Active Member

    The dealer should have been able to tell what had triggered the light when they put it on their diagnostics machine?

    Given that it has come on whene you moved the seat, it's most likely the wiring loom from the seat, it's quite common that the wire becomes fatigued and breaks internally, or the resistance becomes higher triggering the fault.

    It's quite a straightforward fix though, but the dealers will charge a fair bit for it, so I'd be looking at a good independent if you don't fancy having a go yourself (you can buy the repair kits I believe).

    Know anybody nearby with VagCom who could take a look?
  3. CLS3

    CLS3 Every penny goes on the Audi!!

    This has happened to me twice too. I went to (former) AMD and both times they said it was a plug under my seat that become disconnected.

  4. TanyaS3

    TanyaS3 Member

    I luckily have a contact at Audi who looks after my car for me and I get abit of discount. Guess ill have to go back there again lol.

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