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s3 - a3 kit conversion

Jordan1.8t Sep 22, 2010

  1. Jordan1.8t

    Jordan1.8t Member

    just a couple questions:faint:

    firstly im fitting a s3 front bumper and side skirts to my a3 facelift. ive read all the other threads i could find, but i couldnt find the answers i needed.

    firstly, can i use the a3 fog lights with my s3 front bumper? and isit possible to use fogs with a fmic?

    secondly how do i remove the a3 bottom door trims? and how do i fit the s3 door trims and quarter trims?

  2. lloydsta101

    lloydsta101 Member

    Don't know if the helps... but when I replaced the fog light on my S3, I bought one listed for an A3 because it looked the same and it did fit and worked perfectly.

    Not sure about your other questions sorry, although I'm pretty sure I've read before that someone managed to keep their fog lights after fitting a FMIC. Most that I've seen though have the pipes slightly poking through the fog light holes.

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